Fanfiction: ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ (P1)

This is a fan-based fiction, based on D.grayman (c) Katsura Hoshino.

The characters in this fan-fiction are owned by Katsura Hoshino.

This fan-fiction is a romance/comedy of Lavi Bookman Jr, and Chomesuke (Sachiko, an akuma), based in present time.

The rating is T, suitable for teens over 13 years old.


Chapter One

Sachiko stared anxiously at her phone, she was nervous, more so than she had ever been before. This was different; she was going on a date with the most amazing guy in the world – Lavi Bookman.

They had met one month before at a convention, after Sachiko had chased him down for a photo. She felt silly, but now after a while chatting she was glad she was finally going to see him again. She was determined to not let her nerves take control. Sachiko started to play with the end of her long brown hair, as we watched the tiny billboard flash the final destination station.

“We are now approaching London Liverpool Street, please mind the gap when getting off at the next station.’ The voice-over echoed through her ears, her heart pumping quicker than usual. This was it, time to finally see him again.

The young woman gathered up her things, placing her iPod back into her rabbit print bag, slowly standing up from her seat and moving towards the double doors.

“This is it. Stay calm,” she coached herself, blushing slightly, her mind going wild with possible crazy outcomes.

“I just hope he likes me,” she sighed, staying optimistic and open-minded about her date with a man she never thought she’d get a chance with.


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