Fanfiction: ‘Life after the Last Banquet’ (P6)

This is a fan-based fiction, based on Fruits Basket (c) Natsuki Takaya.

The characters in this fan-fiction are owned by Natsuki Takaya.

This fan-fiction is a romance/comedy of Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma based in present time.

The rating is T, suitable for teens over 13 years old.


We all remember how the last chapter ended, but what will the future hold for Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma?

Will they tie the knot?

Will they part ways?

Or will there be another addition to the Sohma house-hold?


(a few days later, Ou-chan comes round with Kyoko to visit Tohru while Kyo is at work.)

“Wow kiddo, that’s some rock on your finger. So Ginge did finally pop the question then?” she grinned, knowing full well she secretly know that one day Kyo would ask Tohru.

The brunette blushed, unable to talk she was so in love.

“So when did this all happen, when did he ask? How did he do it?” she questioned.

Tohru’s cheeks grew a darker shade of pink, she refused to answer the question, “Would you like another tea?” she asked politely standing up.

“Tohru!” Ou spoke in a deep tone, almost motherly, “Sit down and start talking Kiddo.” She grinned placing head on her palms.

“What is there to say, other than it was the most perfect moment that we have ever shared.”

“Aww,” her friend smiled, “You picked a date? Flower girl? Maid of honor? Best man? Anything yet?” she wondered hoping her name was under the MOH.

“Well actually there’s something I have been meaning to ask you, actually.” Tohru stuttered embarrassed.


“Would Kyoko like to be my flower girl?” the riceball smiled, “And more importantly would you do the honor of being my Maid of Honor and give me away?”

Ou-chan’s eyes started to tear up, she throw her arms loving round her best friend, “Oh Kiddo! Nothing would make me more happier. Of course I’ll give you away and be your Maid of Honor, and Kyoko will definitely be your bridesmaid, there’s no shadow of a doubt!”

“Thank you so much Ou, it means so much to me.” the blue-eyed girl smiled.

“It’ll be the best wedding the Sohma family would of ever seen! No doubt about it,” the blonde punched the air.

“Really you think so?”

“I know so, Kiddo. When have I ever been wrong..” she could see the wheels turning in her friend’s head, “Don’t answer that, trust me we’ll plan the greatest wedding ever!”


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