Shorts: Runaway Dream

This short story is the Prologue to my first novel “The Reaper’s puppet”.

These are short parts of the story, that have been edited and reedited to create the actual chapters of the novel.


I walked into the moonlight; my skin pale as the first fallen snow and my sapphires reflecting the twinkling stars. As I crept slowly through the darkness, my honey-blonde hair snagged upon a crooked branch. In the distance I heard footsteps; at least ten soldiers were following me, watching my every move.

I tugged hard on my curls, snapping the hand of the withered willow, I kept running. My tattered suede boots carried me on, gathering thick layers of mud on the heels.

Faint voices rung in my frost-bitten ears, “After her, men. Do not let her escape again!” They were chasing me, following me out into my domain.

But why were they chasing me?

What have I done wrong?

These questions repeated themselves in my confused mind; the answer was not yet clear but one thing was for certain, I would never stop running.
I jumped over many risen tree trunks, each one slightly higher above ground than the last. I could see the moonlight between the trees, the end was in sight.

Just as I thought I was safe; I tumbled to the dirty ground, smashing my head against a mossy stone. I laid on my bruised back wondering what would become of me, if they found me.

I clutched my forehead, a pulsing pain pushed against the skin. Tears clustered in the corner of my eyes; stagnant moss grazed my cheeks, broken bark stuck to my pale skin.

Was this the end?


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