Shorts: The lone feather

A lone, pure white feather fell to the dirty ground. It shivered in the bitter evening, as fast trains flew by.

Bright oranges and yellows flashed pass, each sparkling in the eyes of waiting civilians. A young girl, with hair as bright as a burning flame, sat waiting impatiently on the iron bench. She constantly watched the luminous orange clock tick away time.

Her small elven ears pricked up as she heard the arrival of her late train, she glanced at the dirty ground noticing the pure white feather shivering in the bitter temperature. The small girl grabbed her slightly ripped black bag as she hurried onto the large metal vehicle, stopping to pick up the little feather on her travels.

The redhead leaped onto the train seconds before the heavy doors slammed shut behind her, she sighed in relief as she took a vacant seat with a plastic table. Beep beep.

‘Huh?’ the girl muttered feeling a vibration from her dark trench coat pocket. She pulled out a small black and silver device, a mobile phone.


The screen was flashing with a small envelope at the bottom, the elven-eared girl opened the text message; ‘Hey Autumn, it’s only Dimitri. Just checking you’re okay and hope you’re on your way to mine!’

The redhead smiled from ear to ear, replying almost instantly. ‘Hey Dimitri, I’m doing great thanks. I just got on the train, I’ll be there as soon as i can’. She smiled pressing the send button and placing the portable phone back in her pocket. Autumn studied the little white feather, she held in her hand carefully, noticing its tiny kinks in the bristly part. It was perfectly white, like the first snowfall. It sparkled beautifully with purity.


“Where did you come from? There’s no doves around these parts,” she whispered; curious to know the bird in which it was fell.

‘We are now approaching, Pitsea. Please mind the gap at the next station.’ Autumn’s ears pricked up, repeating the words that flashed on the tiny screen at the beginning of each carriage.

She knew the route so well, it was custom to her. “Only a couple more stops to go,” she sighed.


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