Poetry: Wonderfall

Task: NSU Writers’ Society‘s Open Mic- style event, pieces all written around the theme of ‘Wonderland’


She tumbled, falling, falling.

Down the rabbit hole, screaming.

Where will she end up,

After this Wonderfall?


As Alice fell through the hole,

After chasing a white rabbit in a waistcoat,

With a pocket watch ticking in his paw,

How curious the sight must have been.


A piano tumbled past her gaze,

Playing an eerie serenade.

Shelves stacked high with jars,

Each housing a sweet fruity preserve.

She took a seat on a passing armchair,

But before Alice could take her first bite,

The chair tipped forward,

Soft fruit slipped from her grasp,

Which gave her quite a fight.


But still she tumbled,

Down the rabbit hole.

Where will she end up?

After this Wonderfall.