Fanfiction: ‘Life after the Last Banquet’ (P8)

This is a fan-based fiction, based on Fruits Basket (c) Natsuki Takaya.

The characters in this fan-fiction are owned by Natsuki Takaya.

This fan-fiction is a romance/comedy of Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma based in present time.

The rating is T, suitable for teens over 13 years old.


We all remember how the last chapter ended, but what will the future hold for Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma?

Will they tie the knot?

Will they part ways?

Or will there be another addition to the Sohma house-hold?

Tohru Honda stood in the kitchen preparing dinner, waiting for the arrival of her fiance. She watched the door eagerly as she peeled and sliced the carrots ready to be boiled. She heard keys turning in the lock, the wooden door opened slowly. Kyo Sohma walked in, holding a mixed bouquet of peach and red roses in his right hand.
A smile appeared on the brunette’s face, she put down her peeler and carrot, to greet her husband to be.
“Welcome home, honey” she beamed, tucking her slender arms around his waist.
“It’s good to be home,” he pulled her into a tight embrace, running his fingers through her tree-bark coloured hair. The cat sniffed the air, “Something smells good.”
Tohru pulled away from his chest, looking up at him, “That would be dinner.”
“Oh, what are we having?” Kyo asked, slowly releasing from the embrace, to drag Tohru towards the kitchen.
She smiled, “Well I’m cooking Chicken with roast potatoes and carrots,” she noticed the bouquet, “Are those for me?”
Kyo had forgotten all about the flowers, he held them towards his bride-to-be and smiled sweetly, “Of course honey, would else would they be for other than my gorgeous fiance?” he chuckled, pulling her close to his body. The brunette giggled, kissing him softly.
“Oh Kyo, you shouldn’t have. They are beautiful,” she smiled, “Thank you.”
“They are not as beautiful as my girl,” Kyo half-smiled, kissing her again.
Tohru pulled away slowly, “Best I put these in water,” she smiled, “Dinner should be ready soon.”
The ginger-haired man nodded, “Okay, I’ll just go freshen up a bit before it’s ready.”


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