Shorts: Saviour #1


The female guard looked like she was about to throw up, but instead she dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I stood there, I laughed to myself. The male guard tried to life her up, taking her to the medication room. They had left their posts, now was my chance. I knocked down the sparkling glass door, it shattered into tiny pieces. But no one came running.

“You’re disobeying the rules, aren’t you?” asked a voice, it was like my father’s only with a much calmer tone.

“I don’t care about the rules!” I yelled, echoing voices entered the corridor.

The man laughed, smoothing his hair, “You are just like your father!” I looked away, then glared at him, “I am nothing like your cruel heartless brother!” I exclaimed, “I will ever be like him.” I leant against the hourglass.

“I have a quest for you, my young cannibal.”

“I am no cannibal.”

“No?” he joked, “But the way you drunk that blood…”

“Don’t remind me,” I demanded, shaking my head.

“This quest is simple, go undercover in the light kingdom.”

“Dressed like this?” I asked, “I’d be killed. That is not a risk I am willing to take.”

“I thought your life was all about taking risks, Kali?” he replied.

“I’ll do it,” I sighed coming away from the hourglass, “What exactly do I need to do?”

We walked to the portrait which hung at an angle on the wall, it was a painted portrait of the light and dark kingdoms’ war which had caused the feud. I pulled it off the wall, shocked to see a small silver leaver.

“What’s this?” I asked, confused at the sight of a silver leaver.

“You’re asking the obvious aren’t you?” he replied, looking shocked from my moment of stupidity, “Just pull the leaver!” I blinked at him, I decided to follow orders for once. I pulled hard on the leaver. Nothing happened. I looked at him, “It’s broken” my look was pure sarcasm.

“No, you’re just an idiot,” he smiled, baring fangs. It was unpleasant and unnecessary. The terribly painted walls split open, a welcoming scent of blood entered the air. The pupils of my uncle grew darker, deeper with more hate and a less friendly attitude towards me.

What had I done this time?


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