Finding beauty is surreal, when it’s so subtle

I love to find inspiration in the environment that surrounds me, to find beauty in anything and everything, is a life waiting aspiration i hope to feel. However surreal or subtle it may be to the naked eye.

It’s a dream to become one of the world’s greatest fashion designers. Taking a walk through fields of open gorgeously lush colours, vibrant and scented beautifully.
Camping in a new place every night, exploring different places everyday. I want to live my life as if it was an adventure.



This blog Dreamers writings, is for all my creative writing pieces.

It is a mix of everything I do, such as;

  • Reviews; for games, books, films, television, shows, etc.
  • Short stories; Stories I began writing that were never finished or short stories.
  • Fan-fictions; Fan-made fiction writings usually from games, books, anime etc.
  • Novel; My current novel I am writing. Each post will be a chapter of the book.
  • Lyrics; Song lyrics from my old band, and poems.
  • Notes; My rumblings and day-to-day diary.


I hope you enjoy reading the things I post, and will try and update regularly.

Thank you.