Shorts: Aquarius

Thousands of leagues under the Atlantic Ocean sat an ancient civilisation of merpeople, the kind you would only hear about in myth and legend. They lived in a vast city, stretching itself as far as the eye could see. The ancient city of Atlantis stood tall, in the centre a crystal palace posed proudly, watching over its people. The civilians were in full swing, preparing the city for the royal coronation of the young princess Aqua-marine.

It had been six years since a terrible incident broke the hearts of the entire city. The king and queen took a swim close to the dark depts. The city’s food had become scarce, supplies were rationed, yet this wasn’t enough. Many were fighting for their lives for weeks, other lost their battles every day. The dark depths were a forbidden part of the ocean, no mercreature was supposed to venture to. It gained its name from stories past down from generation to generation, however it was simply forbidden because it belonged to the humans. It was their fishing spot, and had been centuries, however it was the only place fish swam now.

Whilst the king and queen ventured into the dark depths, they were spotted by divers, who captured and harpooned them, ready to exhibit in their world. It was a cruel fate they had suffered, however the merpeople continued their lives, with hearts full of sorrow to protect themselves from the humans.

The king and queen had left their two daughters at the palace before leaving. Immediately Aqua-Marie imprisoned herself in her room when she learnt of her parents passing. She was fifteen, still a baby only just entering adulthood, she became deeply troubled and depressed, leaving her twelve year old sister, Coraline alone with no one but the palace staff to talk to.

Although six years passed not once did Aqua-Marie open her door, unless the palace maid cam to feed her. It was her prison, her shield, her tomb of comfort. Today was her coronation day, she was finally going to become queen. She awoke early, fixing her copper hair into a nice and precise bun. Aqua took a seat at her coral vanity, dipping a cloth in water and admired her beauty in the shell mirror.

“Oh mirror, tell me I’m beautiful,” she giggled as she washed her ruby tail scales.

In the mirror appeared the face of a shark, his grin widening with pearly whites.

“Princess Aqua-Marie, you are the most beautiful in this room,” he admired.

Aqua paused, looking up at the mirror, her face flushed red with anger as she stood up from her chair.

“Only in this room?” she questioned, the tone of her voice grew higher.

The shark look past her fury, continuing to smile, “Well your sister Coraline is the most beautiful in the kingdom.”


Shorts: Saviour #1


The female guard looked like she was about to throw up, but instead she dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I stood there, I laughed to myself. The male guard tried to life her up, taking her to the medication room. They had left their posts, now was my chance. I knocked down the sparkling glass door, it shattered into tiny pieces. But no one came running.

“You’re disobeying the rules, aren’t you?” asked a voice, it was like my father’s only with a much calmer tone.

“I don’t care about the rules!” I yelled, echoing voices entered the corridor.

The man laughed, smoothing his hair, “You are just like your father!” I looked away, then glared at him, “I am nothing like your cruel heartless brother!” I exclaimed, “I will ever be like him.” I leant against the hourglass.

“I have a quest for you, my young cannibal.”

“I am no cannibal.”

“No?” he joked, “But the way you drunk that blood…”

“Don’t remind me,” I demanded, shaking my head.

“This quest is simple, go undercover in the light kingdom.”

“Dressed like this?” I asked, “I’d be killed. That is not a risk I am willing to take.”

“I thought your life was all about taking risks, Kali?” he replied.

“I’ll do it,” I sighed coming away from the hourglass, “What exactly do I need to do?”

We walked to the portrait which hung at an angle on the wall, it was a painted portrait of the light and dark kingdoms’ war which had caused the feud. I pulled it off the wall, shocked to see a small silver leaver.

“What’s this?” I asked, confused at the sight of a silver leaver.

“You’re asking the obvious aren’t you?” he replied, looking shocked from my moment of stupidity, “Just pull the leaver!” I blinked at him, I decided to follow orders for once. I pulled hard on the leaver. Nothing happened. I looked at him, “It’s broken” my look was pure sarcasm.

“No, you’re just an idiot,” he smiled, baring fangs. It was unpleasant and unnecessary. The terribly painted walls split open, a welcoming scent of blood entered the air. The pupils of my uncle grew darker, deeper with more hate and a less friendly attitude towards me.

What had I done this time?

Shorts: River of Life

The beautiful turquoise skies slowly closed, hiding the smiling sun with a deeper shade. He sprinkled tiny glistening stars over his perfectly painting canvas, the peaceful but mysterious night’s sky. The land below yawned as he peeked up at his father’s work. It was too beautiful to ignore. The land fought with his desire, to dream once again tonight, lie in his watchful eyes. The grass never slept, he complained and moaned until the others were far from awakening. He moaned about the horrifying pain he would angrily receive daily, through being walked over, but he was no pushover. The oldest of the oak and maple trees, which were planted accurately at the edge of the town’s forest – often listened to him, while the younger trees bullied and tormented him cruelly. In the centre of the town lie a beautiful sparkling river. The river was named the ‘River of life’ after a twelve year old girl drowned in its waters. Before entering the clear glistening waters, a gorgeous young girl christened Amelia was just playing near the river, until a dirty unwelcome man to the town found her before her terrified parents could. The ignorant male brutally raped her that afternoon in the icy forest, he stabbed her in the chest twice and three times in her dry gasping throat. The murderer never buried her body at a risk of being found, so he decided it would be best if her body were to lie at the darkest bottom of the river. He attached his prison shackle ball, tightly fastening it around her tiny forearm. After he threw her body in the calm river, he watched her carefully, keeping special attention on keeping her out of sight. Once she sunk, he fled deep into the forest who kept his secret bottled with a torturing pain. At the edge of the river sat two beautiful young girls, both wearing the same short hemmed dress, with tiny doll-like shoes. The girls were separated by the colour of their hair, curious eyes and the short dresses they wore. The strawberry blonde gazed at her reflection in the crystal clear waters of the, river of life. Mother smiled, reflecting the young girls’ beauty. The dishwater blonde held a straw basket in her tiny hands. A tiny white mist appeared, lying on the surface of the river of life. The strawberry blonde stared curiously at the sparkling waters, the mist grew thicker gaining a colour. The dishwater blonde stood beside her, gazing at what was now a thick purple haze.

“What is that, Sandra?” the dishwater blonde choked as she asked the strawberry blonde.

The sister turned to look at her slowly, “I have no idea, Sally”.

Shorts: Reaper’s Market

This short story is Chapter 1 to my first novel “The Reaper’s puppet”.

These are short parts of the story, that have been edited and reedited to create the actual chapters of the novel.


The beautiful burnt skies slowly drew to a close, hiding the sun with a deeper shade. An old watchtower stood silently guarding the market town. He stood with the posture of a haggard gentleman, gazing down at the villages closing up their stalls for the evening.

A faint chill flew with the wind, hurrying both customers and salesmen to call it a day. The town became dormant in minutes, silent and still. An armored figure walked casually into the market, touching one of the wooden stalls.

“Closed already?” the man asked, looking over his shoulder, six men dressed in the same attire joined the guard.

“This happens every year Sir, what is the meaning of this?” one of the men queried.

The first guard scanned the area, “Avalin Young,” he replied with a sharp tone, “I know you’re lurking somewhere around here. Quit playing games and come quietly for once!” he shouted, his voice echoing through the streets.

In the distance a couple of wooden kegs tumbled to the stone pavement; rolling towards the guard’s, the fire crackers hidden inside exploded as they reached their target.

“What makes you think I will ever come quietly?” a female voice called from a distance.

“Show yourself!” the head guard growled, his vision clouded by the smokescreen. The female voice laughed, walking slowly through the fog with small crop scythes in each hand. Her hair was coloured white-blonde; the curls tied in a messy ponytail with a piece of cloth. Her eyes were dyed like sapphires, her clothes tight to her body, yet tattered like rags. A smirk appeared across her face, launching herself at the head guard.

“Do you know what today is?” Avalin young asked, holding one of her crop scythe’s on his throat.

“I believe it is December fifth,” one of the other guards replied.

“Why does that have any relevance!” the head guard snapped.

“Today is my birthday,” she smiled, removing her weapon from his throat, “So can you not just leave me alone for one day please?”

“After the crimes you committed, you shouldn’t even be allowed to stand on our streets,” he growled, removing a pistol from his leather holster.

Avalin snarled at the heavily armored group; backing off slowly as the head guard fire a bullet at a small silver bell dangling at the foot of the watchtower. The alarm was ear-piercing; ringing through the dormant town, waking ever man, woman and child from their beds. Commander Grey nodded to his man, each of them pulled out their silver rapiers from the holsters.

“Get her!” he growled. His men scrambled towards the intruder in the market, rapiers held across their bodies. She stepped back slowly waiting for the opportune moment to strike her enemy. As one man approached her, Avalin grabbed him by his tiny throat, swinging him into the other guards. She drew her rusted crop scythes from her holsters, holding up her guard.

“Come at me Commander, I dare you.” She smirked, her sapphire eyes fixed on the armored man.

“Don’t test me child. Have you forgotten your place? You are a criminal, don’t you forget that!” Commander Grey shouted in reply.

The town’s people watched from their open windows and front doors, some carrying the smaller children in their arms. A faint cry from one baby filled the still atmosphere; its mother tried to rock it back to sleep with a soothing lullaby. Avalin turned her head slowly round towards the mother and baby, her cold eyes leaked small crystal tears. The lullaby the young mother was whispering to her child touched her heart.

“Thinking about your poor deceased mother,” Commander Grey snorted at the girl. In the brief moment she was distracted, her guard was down and he was standing behind her. Avalin’s sapphire eyes widened, she felt a sharp pain rush through her body; her enemy struck her, between into her boney spine with an impenetrable force. His fist, heavy with metal armor rammed into her fragile body.


Avalin’s skinny legs buckled under the weight of her heavy body, as she fell she turned back slowly, glaring deep into her enemies soul. She lie on the dirty ground, her muscles crying with agony.

Commander Grey towered over the young girl, “I’ve waited so long to catch you, Avalin Young,” he sniggered, “You know, I feel sorry for your poor deceased mother.” Avalin glared at him, her sapphire eyes like daggers into his. She slowly pulled her body from the dusty ground, like a puppet on a string.

“She must have gone through hell, giving birth to a demon like you.” He remarked. Avalin’s perfect proportioned face screwed up in anger, she gripped tight of her rusty crop scythes.

“You have no right to speak about my mother,” she spat at her enemy, her blood beginning to boil.

“That’s rich coming from her killer,” Commander Grey smirked, “Don’t make me laugh, outlaw.”

Avalin scolded, her grip tightening on the rusty scythes. Suddenly she ran at her enemy, striking hard against his shiny armor. Commander Grey seized his opportunity to punch the young girl hard in her pale face. She was sent flying backwards; tumbling into a wooden market stall, crashing into a pile of empty barrels. Crimson tears dripped from her peach lips, streaking down her chin.

Commander Grey’s grin grew smug, “All you have to do is come with me.” Avalin young slowly pushed her tried body from the rumble, crimson stains on her suede gloves, as she staggered towards her enemy. The young girl held up her guard, both hands gripping tightly to rusty crop scythes.

“Just give up already kid, it’s useless trying to fight me,” the guard grinned.

Avalin Young continued to stand her ground, her guard firmly up, “I will never stop fighting.”

The amored man sighed,  “I admire your determination, but save us both the hassle and give up already.”

“Never!” the young girl screamed. The townspeople stared at her, frightened of her abilities.

Shorts: Runaway Dream

This short story is the Prologue to my first novel “The Reaper’s puppet”.

These are short parts of the story, that have been edited and reedited to create the actual chapters of the novel.


I walked into the moonlight; my skin pale as the first fallen snow and my sapphires reflecting the twinkling stars. As I crept slowly through the darkness, my honey-blonde hair snagged upon a crooked branch. In the distance I heard footsteps; at least ten soldiers were following me, watching my every move.

I tugged hard on my curls, snapping the hand of the withered willow, I kept running. My tattered suede boots carried me on, gathering thick layers of mud on the heels.

Faint voices rung in my frost-bitten ears, “After her, men. Do not let her escape again!” They were chasing me, following me out into my domain.

But why were they chasing me?

What have I done wrong?

These questions repeated themselves in my confused mind; the answer was not yet clear but one thing was for certain, I would never stop running.
I jumped over many risen tree trunks, each one slightly higher above ground than the last. I could see the moonlight between the trees, the end was in sight.

Just as I thought I was safe; I tumbled to the dirty ground, smashing my head against a mossy stone. I laid on my bruised back wondering what would become of me, if they found me.

I clutched my forehead, a pulsing pain pushed against the skin. Tears clustered in the corner of my eyes; stagnant moss grazed my cheeks, broken bark stuck to my pale skin.

Was this the end?

Shorts: The lone feather

A lone, pure white feather fell to the dirty ground. It shivered in the bitter evening, as fast trains flew by.

Bright oranges and yellows flashed pass, each sparkling in the eyes of waiting civilians. A young girl, with hair as bright as a burning flame, sat waiting impatiently on the iron bench. She constantly watched the luminous orange clock tick away time.

Her small elven ears pricked up as she heard the arrival of her late train, she glanced at the dirty ground noticing the pure white feather shivering in the bitter temperature. The small girl grabbed her slightly ripped black bag as she hurried onto the large metal vehicle, stopping to pick up the little feather on her travels.

The redhead leaped onto the train seconds before the heavy doors slammed shut behind her, she sighed in relief as she took a vacant seat with a plastic table. Beep beep.

‘Huh?’ the girl muttered feeling a vibration from her dark trench coat pocket. She pulled out a small black and silver device, a mobile phone.


The screen was flashing with a small envelope at the bottom, the elven-eared girl opened the text message; ‘Hey Autumn, it’s only Dimitri. Just checking you’re okay and hope you’re on your way to mine!’

The redhead smiled from ear to ear, replying almost instantly. ‘Hey Dimitri, I’m doing great thanks. I just got on the train, I’ll be there as soon as i can’. She smiled pressing the send button and placing the portable phone back in her pocket. Autumn studied the little white feather, she held in her hand carefully, noticing its tiny kinks in the bristly part. It was perfectly white, like the first snowfall. It sparkled beautifully with purity.


“Where did you come from? There’s no doves around these parts,” she whispered; curious to know the bird in which it was fell.

‘We are now approaching, Pitsea. Please mind the gap at the next station.’ Autumn’s ears pricked up, repeating the words that flashed on the tiny screen at the beginning of each carriage.

She knew the route so well, it was custom to her. “Only a couple more stops to go,” she sighed.

Shorts: Runaway

I walked into the moonlight; my skin pale as the first fallen snow, my sapphires reflecting the twinkling stars.

As I crept slowly through the darkness, my honey-blonde hair snagged upon a crooked branch.

The bare dorment tree tugged hard on my curls, a small crystal tear began to well up in the corner of my eye.

I tried to pull myself away, before someone finds me.

I tugged harder, the withered willow’s hand snapped.

I tumbled to the dirty ground, smashing my head against a mossy stone.

I laid on my bruised back, gazing up at the hazey blue sky, sprinkled with smiling stars before drifting into an abyss dream.